Workplace Injuries

Reducing workplace injuries is not just the right thing to do for the safety and well-being of employees, it also saves employers money. For any employer looking to improve their bottom line, there is no better place to start than reducing workplace injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, 2017 saw just under 3 million injuries occur in the workplace. Each one of those injuries caused pain and other negative consequences for employees, but there was also a good number of negative consequences for employers too. The most measurable consequences are monetary, and from lost productivity to the cost of injured employees’ healthcare. The cost of workplace injuries can be steep. Companies can and should take a proactive approach to preventing workplace injuries, for both the health and well-being of employees, and to combat the high cost of workplace injuries. Reducing Workplace Injuries There are numerous reasons why a company may start to see an increase in workplace injuries. From adding in new hazards when processes are automated and communication barriers to an aging workforce and the use of temporary and contract workers who may not receive a comprehensive round of safety training, a company will need to figure out why injuries occur in their particular workplace to begin with. Once a company has identified the factors that are contributing to workplace injuries, the next step is to put in place prevention and treatment programs to address those factors. Efforts such as new hire work conditioning, early intervention, self-care programs, pre-shift warm-up exercises, first aid follow-ups, exercise conditioning programs, assessing work tasks and safety practices before, during, and after the hiring process to ensure new hires are able to meet a job’s requirements, ergonomic stretching programs, and more. The more proactive the approach, such as creating an ergonomics program that addresses repetitive motion injuries before they require medical treatment, the better. When workplace injuries are prevented, it’s a win-win for the employees and the employer. Employees avoid the pain and other issues that accompany workplace injuries, and employers save money and reduce lost production time. Safe Keeper and Safe Climber supply fall protection products and accessories that play an integral role in reducing fall injuries in the workplace. From our harnesses and self-retractable life lines to our confine space entry equipment and ladder systems, our fall protection products save lives.
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