Inspection Forms

Effective inspection of your fall protection equipment before and after use is vital to proper functionality of equipment and your safety while working at heights. A Competent Person must inspect equipment before each use and document all equipment at least twice a year according to industry safety standards. ANSI A10.32-2012 states “All fall protection shall be inspected at least every six months by a competent person.” Fall protection exhibiting any faults must be marked as rejected, removed from service, and disposed of. Download these forms that pertain to the equipment you are using for easy inspection guidelines.

Fully Body Harness Inspection Checklist
Lanyards Inspection Checklist
Self-Retracting Lifelines Inspection Checklist
Arnes de Cuerpo Entero Lista de Inspección
Acolladores Lista de Inspección
Salvavidas Auto Retractables Lista de Inspección
Horizontal Life Line Inspection Checklist
Vertical Lifeline Inspection Checklist
Anchors/Connectors Inspection Checklist
Sistema de Línea de Vida Horizontal Lista de Inspección
Sistema de Línea de Vida Vertical Lista de Inspección
Ancla/Conectores Lista de Inspección

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