Roof Anchors

Read all about roof anchors, and explore the roof anchors offered by Safe Keeper! Roof anchors are an integral part of a fall protection systems for those working at heights. As the name implies, roof anchors are attached to a roof to operate as the anchor point for a lanyard and harness to keep workers from approaching fall hazards. There are many different kinds of roof anchors and accompanying lanyard and harness combinations, each suited to different types of roofs. Explore different types of roof anchors, and see the roof anchors offered by Safe Keeper. Types of Roof Anchors There are many different types of roof anchors, each suited to the material of the roof and the type of working at heights that must be completed. There are roof anchors for working on wood, steel, concrete, and pipe surfaces. There are anchors to suit the type of roof, whether it is commercial, residential, or standing seam. There are also anchors that can be used when you cannot penetrate the roof, such as a portable deadweight anchor. Similarly, a roof clamp or a two-way anchor can be used on a standing seam roof. Each roof anchor and each working at heights situation is also going to require a different type of lanyard and harness combination. Safe Keeper Roof Anchors Our Hinged Steel Roof Anchor is meant to be fixed on wooden beams used in roofing. Made of high strength steel alloy and then powder coated or zinc plated, this anchor has two steel flaps with 16 holes on each side. The anchor is meant to be fitted on the two sides of a wooden beam using nails inserted in the holes. Safe Keeper’s 50 ft. Vertical Life Line Roof Top Safety Bucket includes a reusable hinged steel roof anchor, a 5-point adjustable harness, 50 ft. vertical 5/8 in. diameter polysteel lifeline, and a shock absorbing lanyard w/ manual rope grab assembly for an all-in-one set, complete with its own storage bucket. Both anchors are reusable, so they can be used on one job and then removed and reused on another jobsite. Safe Keeper and Safe Climber offer high quality fall protection, confined space equipment,  accessories, and ladder systems to protect employees working at heights!
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