Ladder cages have not been fall protection compliant since late 2018, but Safe Climber has a ladder solution that is!

In mid-November of 2018, OSHA issued regulation 1910.28(b)(9), which requires “General Industry employers to provide fall protection on fixed ladders of 24′ or taller installed on or after November 19, 2018.” Before the new regulation, a ladder cage was a sufficient option for ladder fall protection, but no longer. Explore all the implications of this regulation, and the solutions Safe Climber has to comply with this regulation.

The Issue With Ladder Cages

Prior to the new regulation, OSHA utilized the Construction Standard, 1926.1053(a)(18), which  required the use of devices like cages, wells, ladder safety devices, or self-retracting lifelines for when workers were on fixed ladders of 24 feet or taller.” Prior to November 2018, ladder cages were an accepted fall protection device.

However, devices like ladder cages were identified as a poor solution for fall protection. Ladder cages don’t actively arrest falls, and they actually offer the potential for further damage as workers could hit their heads or other body parts on the cage while falling or become tangled in the cage structure while falling, which resulted in injuries and lost limbs. Needless to say, ladder cages do very little to prevent falls or save a worker who has fallen, so OSHA added the new regulation to make ladders safer.

Safe Climber’s solution to the new regulation is our Vertical Ladder Solutions which are compliant as well as offering a higher potential for safety to workers. Our Stainless Steel Cable Ladder System features a Vertical Aluminum Alloy Guide Rail that supports a Guided-Type Fall Arrest Trolley. A worker utilizing the ladder is then attached to trolley and rail with an Auto-locking Steel Carabiner. If the worker falls, the ladder system’s inbuilt Shock Absorption feature locks and arrests the fall. Similarly, our Aluminum Rail Ladder System utilizes a Vertical Anchorage Line made of Stainless-Steel wire rope that arrests falls in the same manner.

Safe Climber’s ladder systems pair well with Safe Keeper’s harnesses and additional components of personal fall protection system ensuring the safety of workers while working at heights.