Three Simple Steps to Prevent Falls

Explore the Safe Keeper products that can help prevent falls in construction and industrial settings. The leading mantra in safety efforts and campaigns is that falls are 100% preventable. Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and OSHA has partnered with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) – Construction Sector on a fall prevention campaign to prevent falls in construction. The campaign includes a three-part approach to preventing falls. Explore how Safe Keeper’s products can help to prevent falls. Safe Keeper Products to Support OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign contains three sections:
  • Planning ahead to get the job done safely. 
  • Provide the right equipment.
  • Train everyone to use the equipment safely.
Safe Keeper’s fall protection equipment allows companies to meet all three portions of OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign. As to planning, Safe Keeper carries all the components a worker would need for a variety of fall prevention needs. Whatever job employees are doing while working at heights, we have the fall protection gear to keep workers safe. For instance, for employees working on a roof, we have all the components needed for a personal fall arrest setup, from the personal harness a worker would wear, to the lanyards and retractable lines or anchorage straps and anchor points that would complete the fall arrest system. In providing the right equipment, Safe Keeper carries a wide array of options so that workers are using the right equipment for the job. Different jobs require different equipment, and whether you need a 3-foot or a 6-foot anchor strap, or you need a beam anchor trolley for horizontal mobility or a fixed Hinged Steel Roof Anchor, we’ve got you covered. Safe Keeper also carried safety equipment for confined space entry and our Safe Climber line of Ladder Systems that mean you have the right equipment for the job, which translates into preventing falls and saving lives. As to training, Safe Keeper’s equipment complies with the highest OSHA and ANSI industry standards and comes with tech sheets and product manuals that can be easily downloaded from our website if needed. We also offer free inspection forms to ensure that your company complies with OSHA and ANSI inspection standards and that it stays in good repair for the safety of your workers. Explore Safe Keeper’s effective and innovative equipment that addresses the myriad safety hazards encountered in the work environment today!
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